Bought a pair of dakota workboots in july 2012. I paid just over 200.00$ for them, Where your foot bends right at the steel part has come apart.

Definitely a manufacture defect. I work on a lift truck for 8 hours not like i am constantly bending all the time. but went in the store in mississauga at dundas by the tim horton and the lady that helped me............tells me 100 days warranty. IM LUCKY I GOT THAT LONG OUT OF THEM is what she told me.kind of something you should not tell a customer.

Even though it is apparent that the boot is defect and the stick came apart or glue undone......she told me even if i call customer service they will tell me the same thing. so too bad so sad,. I asked cover half a new boot? nope, nothing Oh well....

buy all my work stuff there.NO MORE!!!

So when you buy something and they tell you NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!!!!!!!!!dont believe em..... OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND WARRANTIES WILL KEEP OUR CUSTOMERS.....NOT

Monetary Loss: $212.

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I got a pair cost me 250$ after a week the heal ripped I was told 100 day no question asked so I went back and they exchanged my boots for the pair I wanted and gave me the remaining balance I left happy lol Barrie ont

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada #1222452

I agree I bought Dakota from there and within 2 months the sole came apart and don't have receipt cause I assumed they would last long as the name is good so I thought .


I posted the last comment. I work out side in the rain all the time.

I never put my boots on the heater. I slow dry them to take care of them. I use a air blower unit from canadian tire. I bought the boot drier from marks and it dried to fast causing craking at the soal.

I rotate threw 3 to 4 pairs of boots. If my boots are worn out in 100 days i have worn them 33 times max. 200$ for just over a months wear because i dry my boots properly.

If i had worn them every day i would have killed them in a month!

Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada #1064941

i have 4 pairs of dakotas on the go. my oldest are probably 6 years old.

my bother gave them to me after mine fell apart just after marks 100 day warenty was up. I have been given a pair for christmas for the last few years. Shame on santa's elves. They are using cheeper glues and less stitches.

The newer they get the more repairs i have to do on them. I just finished gluing the sole back on my nicest looking pair. They are getting worse and worse.

I will never buy a dakota product. Prob nothing again from marks


What are they supposed to do? Replace your boots every year for free?

Some people are hard on boots.

If you need boots that last longer than a year, try buying better (i.e. more expensive) boots.

to Jack #1430121

In all fariness, As a landscaper, I go through boots quick. I know all sorts of tricks to keep them going and repair them on the go.

The quality of Dakota has gone down hill. $250, for a boot is not cheap... "try buying better". You can get the same quality as those dakota's at Walmart for $100.

Even their work clothes have gone down hill. a $50 pair of pants lasts me about half as long as a $20 of George's Carpenter pants.


Same here, i also bought my boots at marks a year a go and the second month all the a

stitching started to come off at the toes an of course no warranty as long as they sell the boots and the company would not stand behind their product....Shame, Shame...They will not get my business anymore and I will spread the word.

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