Selkirk, Manitoba

I have been purchasing Dakota work shirts for the past 8 years & have been very satisfied with them. I recently purchased 4 shirts & the quality of the shirt has depleted to not being any better than a 5$ Walmart shirt.

I realize they are being made for a price,but when the quality suffers this bad , so will the sales.If the quality of the shirts is decreasing , what is happening to the quality of the rest of the merchandise? I do not plan to shop for any further clothing at Marks work wearhouse any time soon

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Good bye Mark's. Shopped there since they opened in Canada but the quality of merchandise for dollar paid has changed.

For example tee shirts, the necks would stay tight after washing for many washing and now one wash and the neck sags, same wash machine, same dryer and same temps.

I would go on but why.Seems like someones relative made a decision to lower the quality just to justify there existence , what a decision. At $18.00 dollars I had no problem buying the Dakota shirt

because I felt the shirt looked good.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #812229

Marks wearhouse lost my business the made in canada tee shirts that i have been buying for years dakota 50% cotton 50%polyester cao3961 with a pocket were the best I GOT a big disappointment when i purchased 5 of them i got home opened all 5 to get washed after comming out of the dryer put one on realized i got taken the packaging was the same with the brand name dakota but the tee shirt was made in china with the quality of a dollar store tee shirt and the price was more expensive i have not shopped there since.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #753936

I used to always buy my undershirts from Mark's. They'd fit perfectly and lasted forever.

until my last purchase, the fit is absolutely terrible like they were made for munchkins.

The quality is way off from where it used to be.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #724301

Ive bought lots of the 4xl and 5xl Dakota shirts in the past, I just bough some new ones and they not fit. The manager at the marks work warehouse on Weston rd had said that there company decided to go with a cheaper shirt.

The old shirts where 50%cotton and 50%polyister. the new ones are 100% cotton and the sizes are wrong.

Then they shrink 1-2 sizes..

to mike Surrey, British Columbia, Canada #953126

Exact same problem for me! Im down to my last 4xl and they are thread bare! We need to find out who made these!!!

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