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Update by user Aug 22, 2017

Turned out not to be the Mark's pants, but something else.

Original review posted by user Aug 21, 2017

I bought a few pairs of their Mia pants and wore them without washing them first. They have a little warning about dye transfer that I found later.

What happened was more than a dye transfer. I felt pain, then days later a red rash developed, then blisters came up around my waist and upper thigh and groin area. The pain is excruciating! Seeking medical attention and waiting for the company to tell me what was on those pants that burnt me.

This is product liability! My internet research indicate formaldehyde is put on made in China clothes to make them look good in the store - no wrinkles or mildew from the packing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Denver Hayes Mia Pants.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Holy S§§t I nhad the same thing but I had washed them before but had headaches for 2 weeks.

And a really bad smell from them. Same thing happened a few years ago when I bought from Victoria Secret bras. Bloody formaldehyde in freakin everything from China.


Oops, my bad. Went to doctor and it was diagnosed as something else.

Just happened at the same time as I wore those pants. Mad coincidence!

to Ottawaconsumer #1399898

you are 8 ways to dirty. Nice way to try to blame a company for your laziness and unhygienic practices. Gross.

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