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I was looking for a new pair of work boots. The company policy requires them to be at least 6 inch.

I had a boot that was clearly labeled 6 inch and another boot that was not labeled but met the CSA etc. requirements and was nearly the same in appearance. I placed the 2 boots beside each other and was comparing them when the manager came by and offered to help. She said one is a work boot and one is a hiking boot.

I pointed out the fact that both boots met the requirements for safety labels, (CSA, electrical etc). She didn't have an answer for this. I was about to take a picture of the 2 boots for comparison and she stopped me. "you can't take pictures in here!

I said well I am just taking them for comparison purposes to make sure that I purchase the proper boots. She ( the manager) said that I was not permitted to take pictures in the store. I asked why not? She said, "we just don't allow it" I said well I don't see any signs and what does your policy say.

She said she would have to take my name and information and reply to me later! I say BS! I left my e-mail and am currently waiting for this policy information.

That all being said, don't these so called managers have any customer service training?? I found her very rude and I will take my business elsewhere.

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What's rude is taking pictures inside a building that isn't yours or without asking permission. There are policies and an employee was trying to follow them.

Unless you work there it's none of your business why you can't takes pics in a store. Also, instead do just acting entitled and doing what you want, open your mouth and ask permission first. Or just do what you want and *** about other people following the rules.

Oh and please take your business elsewhere. You taking pics doesn't make the store any money.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada #774911

I had the same problem this week. Don't these people realize that if you are rude and *** the customers off that they will be out of a job???

to blackrattletim #822818

For your information, a person is permitted to take pictures in a public place such as a store! And if I had all ready taken the picture, no one can ask to have it removed from my camera.

I find it quite amazing that a person managing a store would be so rude and think that she is still expect to have customers.

Every single customer is needed to pay your wage. Get some training before its just you left in the store.

to Anonymous #849956

No they aren't. A store is NOT a public place, it is owned by a person or company.

As a life long retailer this has ALWAYS been the policy. And yes, there are good reasons for it. If you are not an employee you are not entitled to an explanation really. Has a lot to do with theft though.

Next time, let them know why first and it will probably go smoother. There are policies for a reason, be respectful next time and ask first and they will probably bend them for you.

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