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Bought work boots August 19/2011 have receipt under the 100 day return policy boots hurting feet on feet all of shift they said no defect present I said the steel toe is rubbing on toes causing extreme pain please exchange for a different pair. Sales associate said no defect no return I told her they hurt my feet so bad I have blisters and caluses on toes and pain sales associate told me to put some sponge at steel toe to prevent it I thought that was really unprofessional for someone to say that. Please respond to my request for exchange

Monetary Loss: $112.

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The “safety plate” in my “safety shoe” broke at day 120, they did nothing. Nice safety shoes.


Welcome to Marks


Pop rivet out where the shoelaces go through that counts is manufactures defect no defects no return put a hole in it

to Anonymous #1471835

Hate this place same as Canadian Tire all stores have own policy not a franchise it’s a dealer agreement very unusual so it’s up to store owner to do as he or she pleases. This is terrible for businessI was a residential painter for them.

New in the business they spent almost 15 million just to shut it down. Everyone there was from Sears Home Services all I would hear is how terrible Sears was but they were worst. This was coming from the general manger head do department and all the others involved high paid guys who would call me and ask if I know painters in major cities.

I predicted 18 months and they closed it up. Lost millions on roofing windows and doors a total joke

Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada #1099156

I tried returning a pair of shoes recently- withing the 100 days return policy wore them once, fit when I bought them but now do not fit since my feet & ankles are swollen due to pregnancy.. anyways they would not take them back because they were worn ONCE.

There was no damage done to them. I lost $94.49.

to Ash #1106803

Hello Ash, Very sorry to hear your poor experience. I would like to extend my help in this matter. you can contact me at stantk@shaw.ca

to Ash #1399893

Do you like purchasing items that have "only been worn once"? No.

No you don't. You wore them, your ankles got fat, why should that company return used merchandise that they can't resell?


for the other employee that replied to this. CUSTOMER SERVICE !

he was not fitted properly as this is part of the Customer serivce. This is the job of the assoicate to make sure that they are fitted properly before purchasing shoes.

If no store associate helped this customer, with a fitting do the exchange and find a FWE that knows how to fit. I am angered as an associate that this customer was not treated with proper customer service.


WHy do I get the feeling that the OP is overweight and her fat feet just don't fit into the boots - get a size 12 and stop trying to cram your oversized feet into small boots - wish as you might you are not a size 6!


Got some hiker steel toes STC Vibram, in May. I have always bought my footware from Marks manly because they have the most comfortable hiker type steel toes.

I work in buildings. In July I noticed the seams comming apart and the rubber toe protections peeling away. I have bought Dakoda and Cat from Marks and found them even worse so I thought I'd move up and spend for quality. Didn't make a difference.

I lost the receipt, called to see if I can return with prof of purchase on my credit card and they said sure. Went into the store and no way. Now I'll rty to shop elsewhere, it's hard to find good quality when North American Co.

keep hiring infreior foreign factories to make their products. Word to the wise save your receipts for 100 days!


same thing happened to me. had comfort issues so i tried to refund (obviously i dont want the same *** pair exchanged)and i had 'scuffed' the boots, so no refund. anyone want a 200 dollar pair of *** boots for free?


actually the warranty on steel toes is specifically 100 days for any manufacturer defects. We do not cover comfort and this is mentioned on signs around the store.


I am a long term Mark's customer and I have never had a problem. If you have the bill and it is under 100 days and the store won't give your money back return to the store and ask for the manager.

If that does not work call their customer service. Mark's has the best customer service of any company I shop at.

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